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Altimate Controls, LLC

Engineering and Integration serving the Baking Industry since 1988

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Welcome to Altimate Controls, LLC

Are downtime and non-conformances effecting your bottom line? We're here to help. By identifying the contributing factors, we are able to increase both efficiency and profitability. In today's business, resolving these issues aren't just an option, they are a priority. 
  • Are you experiencing repeat issues that are amounting to sizable proportions?
  • Does your maintenance department have a high turnover, resulting in lack of experience?
  • Has technology advanced beyond the capabilities of your maintenance department?
  • Does your company desire more automation, but isn't sure where to begin?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we are here to help.


Whether you're looking to expand or looking to improve your current lines, we can help. Depending on your needs we can provide low cost solutions to your high cost problems. We can evaluate your current production line and identify the areas that are costing you money. Specializing in the bakery industry for over 20 years, our representatives are knowledgeable and ready to answer all of your industry questions. Be sure to contact us to begin your trip down the road of automation and efficiency improvement!

Our Mission:

To tailor our experience and expertise to ensure the long term success of our customers.




 "Our Attention to Detail is Your Success"